“Scars” by: I Prevail REVIEW


Truth be told, I haven’t been a long time fan of I Prevail, but one thing I do know is that when these guys release a single, they don’t hold back… at all. From what I experienced from listening to I Prevail is that every time they make music, they always catch you off guard in a positive way with the songs that they create. Their music reaches you in so many different ways. It’s just incredible awesomeness. It’s there, it’s bold, it’s unbelievably sick!

One thing that didn’t take me by surprise was how fantastic Scars was. I knew it was going to be addicting once I listened to it. The rawness of this gem of a song just blows me away. Both Brian and Eric’s vocals compliment each other’s perfectly with the lyrics that are written. It’s a phenomenal recipe for a powerful, intense piece. I’m so impressed on how talented and put together Scars is. It literally shows you how much not only how creative and dedicated I Prevail is to their music, but it also shows you how much they’re growing and improving in such a quick way. I would no doubt give this song a 10/10 and recommend everyone  to check it out. Keep a lookout for their new album Lifelines and to listen to their new single Scars, check out the video below!


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