Stick To Your Guns Signs With Pure Noise Records


California’s own Stick To Your Guns have left their previous label Sumerian Records and are now signed with Pure Noise Records! Check out what Jesse Barnett had to say below:

“I can say with a straight face and whole heart that for the first time STYG now belongs to a label that not only we believe is one of the very few relevant labels in underground music, but a label that truly believes in us and what we do. We can talk about logical next steps for the band and we can talk about what an opportunity it is for us, but none of that really matters to me,” says frontman Jesse Barnett. “What matters is that we work with someone who gets what we are trying to do and who will nurture and support those goals. Jake and Pure Noise have always done that.”

“Even before we were part of the ‘PN Family’ he made us feel like we were.” he continues. “I guess it’s just official now. I’m very much looking forward to what we can accomplish together.”


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