“Walls” by: The Color Morale REVIEW


It’s no surprise that The Color Morale has always been my favorite band for the last three and a half years. Anyone that has known me more than a week can practically tell you that. From Know Hope to Hold On Pain Ends and to now the upcoming Desolate Divine (which will be released Aug 19th) I have been a ride-or-die for these fantastic fellas who are not only beautifully humble, but without a doubt, incredibly talented as well!

It seems to me that every song that is created by this band turns into instant gold. Every song is unique in it’s own way. “Walls” is exact proof of that. In itself, it is a gem. A breath-taking, jaw-dropping, intense little gem. It’s so raw, with brutal lyrics that describe the singer’s need to be constantly guarded from the agony and horror from the outside world. The tortured soul rather deal with the hell inside of his own mind instead of letting anyone in.

It’s an overall beautiful track that I think anyone of us that listen to it can relate to. I give this song a 10/10, hands down! To listen to it, check out the video below:


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