Review of “Let Down” by: Palisades


In March 2017 “Palisades” released their music video for their song “Let Down”! A song that’s extremely addicting to listen to in my opinion. Unlike their older songs, it’s not as upbeat and fast-paced. This one has some hardness to it. It’s sad, heart-breaking and the music video is featured in black and white – setting the cold mood to go along with the lyrics. A snippet of some of the lyrics go like this:

“I’ve been so good to you
Whatever you need
Not there for me
Expecting you to be
A remedy
Doin’ what you please
Still makin’ me sick
At the thought of you and me
I stay with you
Then leave you for a week
Don’t answer calls
Or you’re hung up on me
I’m by the phone
And I wish I could breathe
I’m so good for you
But you’re so bad for me, yeah

And it’s hard to believe
That it’s me that you’re missing
Now you’re trying to speak
And I don’t wanna listen

Cause you’re a let down
Let down
Cause you’re a let down
Let down

Gimme one reason to make it right, yeah
Anything at all for another try, oh oh
Cause you’re a let down
A let down”

We’ve all been there with people that hurt us and have been toxic to us, so it’s definitely a song that anyone can relate to. I believe it can serve as an escape for the hurt and broken out there. Palisades did an amazing job creating this song. Usually break-up, sad, or heartbreak songs are cheesy or doesn’t do it for me when it comes to escaping my own hurt – but this one I believe would definitely take the edge off any pain. I can tell the band hasn’t lost their creativeness and this song in general is just too good not to listen to. “Let Down” also shows me the band has really matured over the years in their musical careers. I’m definitely impressed. I give them a 10/10.

To listen to this song, click here.


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