Of Mice & Men: “There Would Never Be A Replacement”


Since former frontman Austin Carlile left his band “Of Mice & Men” due to his ongoing battle with his current health issues, the now four piece group have moved forward making music without him. They recently came forward and spoken out about his departure.

In an interview with Kilpop, new frontman Aaron Pauley explained, “y’know a few months before the public knew about it we knew about it, but it’s just been awesome being out playing shows again with our brothers and y’know we’re down a guy, but at the same time it’s awesome to see our fans hugely embrace us.

I took over a lot of the lead screaming stuff and then Alan also stepped up too, to get a microphone and do a lot of the background stuff and everybody’s really stepped up to ensure that when we continue this on as a four piece, that we can still bring an Of Mice & Men Show, an Of Mice & Men performance to people.”

Drummer Tino continued, “Being in a band is like being in a family, we’re like a travelling circus and things are crazy all the time and towards the end of that tour, things were unfortunately getting more difficult. When we finally all had the talk together he let us know what was going on and of course we supported him because that’s what we kinda have to do, because it’s for the best of his health.” He also states “We didn’t necessarily know what we were gonna do and we didn’t know if it would be right, there would never be a replacement.

We thought about the prospect of getting on stage and looking over and seeing somebody else that wasn’t him, but that was in that role, and I think kinda on the familial sense it really didn’t feel right” explains Aaron.

We needed to arise to the occasion, because that’s what he would’ve wanted.” Says Tino. “He’s excited about the music, this is what he wanted us to do and it’s what we’ve always wanted to do, it’s what Of Mice & Men has always done.

The best laid plans for Of Mice & Men often go awry. You never get to dictate how your future is, all you can do is run with the punches and figure out what feels right in your heart and what feels right in what you wanna do. That’s what Of Mice & Men has always been, in the face of adversity rise up, don’t be afraid, be unbreakable.”

To watch the full interview, click here. || To watch the music video for “Unbreakable”, click here.


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